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Jake's Silver '03 Cobra Coupe

2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

Welcome to the home of my 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra. She was bought November 5, 2003 with 1900miles on her. The car was a demo and in flawless condition when purchased. If you don't know to much about '03 Cobra's, here some of the details...


Supercharged w/ 390 "Rated" HP & TQ, 6 speed manual Tremec transmission, IRS (Independant Rear Suspension), 3.55 gears,  17" wheels wrapped in 275/40/17 Goodyears all around, Leather and suede seats with a power driver's seat and a Mach 460 premium sound system with in dash 6 disc changer.

When SVT went away for the year 2002, they wanted to come back with "The fastest Mustang EVER built" and they did just that. Magazine's and racer's started taking their new '03 Cobra's to the dyno and pulling 360-380 rwhp out of them!! Talk about "underrated"! That's more like 420-430 at the crank! Then came the trips to the dragstrips which resulted in high 12 second passes at over 110mph on street tires. With a set of sticky tires the cars were in the mid 12 range. The only downfall of the '03 Cobra that I see is it's weight. A totally stock car with a tank of gas weighs over 3600lbs and with an average man driving it your looking at over 3800lbs. But still, people were very impressed with the '03 Cobra's.



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